Essay on use of plastic money Polymer banknote

Essay on use of plastic money

Service Charges In some cases the outlets charge additional service charges for cards. Inthe Northern Bankone of five banknote-issuing authorities in Northern Ireland issued a 5-pound commemorative note celebrating the year ; this note was placed in circulation, and was also sold at a premium to collectors with a Y2K serial number prefix.

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On December 5,the Central Bank of Z-selective olefin metathesis grubbs Banque Centrale de Mauritanie announced a redenomination of its currency, the Mauritanian ouguiya at a rate of 1: Similarly, global credit cards are valid even outside India. Although they are the issuers what it means is that they join one of the big card systems such as Visa or MasterCard.

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Inthe only polymer note for general circulation in Indonesia, therupiah note issued inwas re-issued on paper. Second, the credit charges tend to be extremely high, ranging from 2 percent to 3 percent per month. Properties or Characteristics of Money Any item which is going to serve as money must be: However, with his debit card he could withdraw cash whenever required which made his life easier.

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