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Sometimes referred to as a focus sentence, the topic sentence helps organize the paragraph by summarizing the information in the paragraph. A good thesis may sometimes include a secondary idea if it is strictly subordinated to the major one, but without that subordination the writer will have too many important ideas to handle, and the structure of the paper will suffer.

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Write down the main points that you wish to discuss in the paragraph first. Professor X is an incompetent teacher.

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Explain how this second piece of evidence supports the sentence. The topic is "teen pregnancy may be prevented" and the controlling idea is "improved education.

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Even thoughbecause and. The thesis sentences examples sentence should serve as a mini guide to the rest of your paragraph. Inflation and Old Age Continuing inflation makes it almost impossible to plan intelligently for one's retirement. Cloud University Your turn: How many hours of television does the average young child watch per week?

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I encountered many unforeseen problems when I went camping. The controlling idea shows the direction the paragraph will take.

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Here are some examples: Another example is nascar a sport essay shows that is