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TFN Nicotine is a unique tfn since it is highly purified to ensure greater than We want to protect the legitimate nicotine trade weather synthetic or natural nicotine. Also important, TFN brand nicotine, since it is completely synthetic, does not contain any of some of the most harmful chemicals typically found as contaminants in tobacco-derived nicotine.

The starting materials and the reagents used in the multi-step chemical transformations are not derived from tobacco.

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Quality Measuring and Monitoring Raw materials sourced from FDA approved facilities provides added confidence in quality. Next Generation Labs is the only company doing this chemistry on an industrial scale and we also hold several patents for tfn process to produce outline for same sex marriage essay nicotine, in addition we also have patents for the utilization of synthetic nicotine for Vaping, eliquid, ecig, TRT and Cessation applications.

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Clean Nicotine Quality sourced ingredients from accredited suppliers. Proprietary Process Next Generation Labs, LLC was awarded a patent and has syntheses pending for it's unique and unprecedented process for producing synthetic nicotine on an industrial scale. We are diligently pursuing these fraudulent companies through all legal channels and will be shutting them down along with the brands that use this fake synthetic nicotine.

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Patent Pending Process The patent pending synthetic manufacturing protocol is a multi-step synthetic method. This novel process is a multi-step sequence of chemical reactions pioneered by Next Generation Labs has been pioneered, established, refined and completely developed to an industrial production scale process.

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There are several companies from China claiming to have synthetic nicotine.