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We care in order to be cared for. You are wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, preferably stained or rumpled.

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They are not irreversible and have little to do with our use of fossil fuels and producing an exhaust of carbon dioxide CO2. I know that there several instances of man-made climate change. He sent us a photo.

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But here is where I see the situation far differently than the climate alarmists. In Chicago, for example, the low temperatures on a winter night might range from 32 degrees in the heart of the city to 20 in the suburbs and 10 in the surrounding farm country.

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In order to help the med students empathize better with us, we have to empathize with them. But it also seems like a fragile pretext, turning his misfortunes into an opportunity to indulge pet fears of my own devising.

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