The scale-up of chemical synthesis using microreactors Microreactor Technology

The scale-up of chemical synthesis using microreactors, highlights

Synthesis18, Pombo-Villar Chemical Engineering Journal, Stereoselective alkylation of an Evans auxiliary derivative within a pressure driven micro reactor C.

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Pombo-Villar Lab Chip,4, T reactors[ edit ] One of the simplest forms of a microreactor is a 'T' reactor. The product instantly leaves the reactor as a continuous stream.

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Pombo-Villar Tetrahedron,59, Watts Chemistry Today,Continues flow organic synthesis: Chimia60, Pressurisation may also allow dissolution of reactant gasses within the flow stream. The user can remove the cause of possible problems upon return and restart the system.

Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals,49, 4, Analysis[ edit ] Microreactors can also enable experiments to be performed at a far lower scale and far higher experimental rates than currently possible in batch production, while not collecting the physical experimental output.

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To control the schizophrenia research paper introduction temperature the tubing can be coiled and submerged in a heated or cooled bath. On this basis, the kilogram-scale production of 2,4,5-trifluorobromobenzene was realized in a self-made scale-up microreactor by numbering-up of micromixers and microchannels.

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Deuterated isotope labelling of phenol derivatives within micro reactors J. For larger production needs, several systems were evaluated at Sigma-Aldrich. Chemical Synthesis in micro reactors P.

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In environments where microreactor and flow chemistry systems are already established, the Sigma-Aldrich Microreactor Explorer Kit can still be a valuable addition to the toolbox. Heat distribution in a microreactor.

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