Thyroid hormone synthesis animation Glossary of Biological Terms

Thyroid hormone synthesis animation

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Thus, the predator's population decreases and more plants can prosper. The expanding liver bud is colonized by hematopoietic cells. In regard to the hormone leptin, central vs peripheral refers to the hypothalamic portion of the brain vs non-hypothalamic location of action of leptin; direct vs indirect refers to whether there is no intermediary, or there is an intermediary in the mode of action of leptin; and primary vs secondary is an essay esteem self description of a particular function of leptin.

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An important anatomical landmark, the porta hepatisdivides this left portion into four segments, which can be numbered starting at the caudate lobe as I in an anticlockwise manner. In fact, phytoestrogens have one of several fates after being eaten: In the adult liver, hepatocytes are not equivalent, with position along the portocentrovenular axis within a liver lobule dictating expression of metabolic genes involved in drug metabolism, carbohydrate metabolism, ammonia detoxification, and bile production and secretion.

The plane separates the liver into the true right and left lobes.

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