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My mind wandered to when our AP Chemistry class had covered certain properties of metals and their ionized forms. Never having imagined that a college could appear so elegant, complete with stone arches and bell towers, I vividly recall gazing at the Spanish-styled buildings, musing to myself that it was very much like what my dad had promised that our house, when we could afford one, would look like.

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Being a musician helped me to grapple with conflicting viewpoints on religion. I learned special tactics and when I apply them properly, I can take an important piece or checkmate the king.

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Attitude being part of intellectual vitality, per the website. His glasses were thick, almost impossibly so.

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No longer burdened by the constant pressure of having to look over my shoulder while walking to school, I suddenly became fascinated with the world around me.

Back to ideas — they animate you.

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Then, there he was.