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Through the work of Hennig, BrundinNelsonand others, the structuralist biogeography of Wallace and followers was challenged and a new set of investigative methods introduced. The method is complicated enough that it cannot be described in detail here; the interested reader is referred to the other work Smith unpubl.

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Annals and magazine of natural history 18 2nd s. The gap between the panbiogeography school and concepts I have discussed here is actually rather small. In Smith b, unpubl.

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The point to be taken is that we would be better off looking for the causal basis of a "Bauplan" at the environmental--biogeographical--level than through examinations of secondary english topics for essays to the same i. The leading result of his work, the generalised track, is itself a structuralist concept.

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But as I have suggested here and elsewhere Smith b, cevolution should not be considered a process synonymous with species divergence. Later I will address this matter more directly; note, moreover, that it can be linked to arguments which I will not expand on here: