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English Traits was inspired by a trip to Britain during Emerson would in refuse a call as minister to East Lexington Church but did preach there regularly until In "Wealth" we find the balanced perspective, one might say contradiction, to be found in all the late work. Nature had claimed that education, reflection, and self-cultivation lead us to invert "the vulgar views of nature, and brings the essay and to call Emerson spent the final years of his life peacefully but without full use of his faculties.

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It is a major statement, a book which, like Lucretius's De Rerum Natura, aims at nothing less than an account of "How Things Are," an intense effort to synthesize a first philosophy. Of practical criticism of specific texts or reviewing of new poems he did relatively little.

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Emerson calls for the self-reliance of the individual, of whatever nationality. The Conduct of Life Boston: Chaucer 's numerous borrowings prompted Emerson to articulate a concept of literary tradition that was very modern. Indeed Emerson himself said in a photosynthesis paper chromatography called "The Transcendentalist," delivered in December"What is popularly called Transcendentalism among us, is Idealism.

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The rest of the year he spent in Concord, which soon became one of the intellectual centers of the country, a sort of American Weimar. In this important speech, which critic Joel Porte says Emerson was born to deliver, Emerson flung down a major challenge to Orthodox and even Unitarian Christianity.

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Each portrait balances the particular feature of the representative man that illustrates the general laws inhabiting humanity along with an assessment of the great man's shortcomings. Emerson is mainly concerned not with the fact of literary history but with the uses of literature, with its effects on the reader, and its power or lack of power to move us.

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Emerson was one of five surviving sons who formed a supportive brotherhood, the financial and emotional leadership of which he was increasingly forced to assume over the years.