An economic hypothesis about an economic event Economics Test 1

An economic hypothesis about an economic event

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If favorable results accumulate, the hypothesis evolves into a theory. Isn't too broad or too narrow, Is able to be answered given time and budget constraints, Is important to your audience, Is not leading in a way that is biased or discriminatory, Is focused on one economic problem, and Doesn't have an obvious answer.

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The Entrepreneur as a Scientist Scientists and engineers, whose domain has been the lab, and who have limited business experience, often consider entrepreneurship a new territory.

In entrepreneurship, just like in science, explicit hypothesis generating, testing, and modifying is a paramount determinant of success.

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An Economic hypothesis Is a possible explanation of cause and effect. Isn't too broad or too narrow, Can be tested, Is answerable with data collection, Is important to the field even when proven false, and Isn't based in morality or ethics.

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The scientific method Are generalizations based on a careful observation of facts Which of the following electricity coursework a correct statement? It is a schedule or curve that shows various combinations of two products a consumer can purchase with a specific income.

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This is a refection of: Such a task is not straightforward. Though not quantitatively exact, economic laws are useful because they allow us to predict and therefore control or adjust to events In constructing models, economists: Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy.

Two variables change in opposite directions. A suggested interpretation of the determinants and directions of technical change.

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