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These exceptional kills made his master sell him to two other interested parties until he got John Thornton, a very friendly master who treated him as his own child.

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He was excepted by a pack of wolves who treated him like a wolf himself. Almost all the papers are done exactly like I needed.

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Buck seems to almost transform into a different dog by the end of the book. After all of the transformations and cruelty he had been through, you would think that Buck would never be able to trust another human.

He hated Yukon because of the bad weather which he found to be very troublesome.

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It is, therefore, evident in naturalism novels that authors use the methodology of predetermining the end outcome of a character in the literary analysis and in turn allude to natural phenomenon as the major determinant factor for the misfortune. Buck was bad at first, but eventually, he learned the way of trace and trail.

In this way, theydisengage themselves from the happenings of the plot but rather put emphasis on the misfortunes as well as the fortune areas of the scenarios of the character.

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It should also be noted that the fact that he Buck killed the Yeehats meant that he had transformed completely from a pet dog that he once was to a wild and harsher type of dog. Other men saw to the welfare of their dogs from a sense of duty and business expediency; he saw to the welfare of his as if they were his own children, because he could not help it. Essays on relationships boyfriend like that my work is always done at the highest level.

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