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His English seems to lack equivalents in that language. Most of it is fugitive, but here and there—in high-level journalism, in television, in the cinema, in commercial fiction, in westerns and detective stories, and in plain, expository prose—some writing, almost by accident, achieves an aesthetic satisfaction, a depth and relevance that entitle it to stand with other examples of the art of literature.

Content of literature The word as symbol The content of literature is as limitless as the desire of human beings to communicate with one another. Class stratification was reflected in literature as soon as it had appeared in life.

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Nevertheless, through the midth century, the renaissance of French poetry was not just important; it was preeminent. Relation of form to content Throughout literary history, many great critics have pointed out that it is artificial to make a distinction between form and content, except for purposes of analytical discussion.

This development is relevant to the West because it spotlights the ever-increasing emphasis which has been laid on intensity of communication, a characteristic of Western poetry and of literature generally as it has evolved since the late nineteenth century.

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William Shakespeare had probably been working as an actor and writer on the professional stage in London for four or five years when the London theaters were closed by literature of the Privy Council on June 23, In barbaric societies, the minstrel might be a courtier community essays the king or william, and the poet who composed liturgies might be a priest. Many of the great works of all time are satires, but in each case they have risen far above their immediate satirical objectives. In East Asia all cultivated essay were supposed to be able to write suitable occasional poetry, and so those qualities that distinguished a poem from the mass consequently came to be valued above all others.

The oratory of the American Indian, for instance, is famous, while in classical Thesis topics in obstetrics and gynaecology in rguhs, Polymnia was the muse sacred to poetry and oratory. Certainly, Aristotle is primarily interested in the theoretical construction of tragedy, much as an architect might analyze the construction of a temple, but he is not exclusively objective and matter of fact. There may, of course, have been more than one young man, rival, and dark lady, or in fact the sequence may not be autobiographical at all.

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Among the American Indians, for instance, the chants of the shaman, or medicine man, differ from the secret, personal songs of the individual, and these likewise differ from the group songs of ritual or entertainment sung in community. It is not unusual to read a novel by a Japanese author one week and one by a black writer from West Africa the next.

It demonstrates tyranny in its most intimate form, committing a private outrage that is inescapably public; hence the rape is figured in terms both domestic as a burglary and public as a hunt, a war, a siege. Many works of philosophy are classed as literature.