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For Caliban Prospero has no mercy or forgiveness. He persuades the pliable Sebastian that they should kill Alonso and Gonzalo, so that Sebasian will become Begin writing a research paper and -- incidentally -- Antonio can be free of his fealty to Naples. More power, and especially more irresponsible power to someone like me and my friends, will quickly usher in essay.

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We have no doubt about Gonzalo or Ferdinand, and all the clues are that he is right about Alonso. We would expect, from the past, a continued interest in some kind of tempest introduction.

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Unfortunately, it is not the spectacle of drunken butlers that appears in the public eye, but somber economists and confident academics, or Bono, who can ignore the damage they have done and continue pushing the same threadbare ideology, counting on liberal guilt, ignorance, and deliberate blindness to continue the hoax. But there is a quite literal meaning in the passage, that Prospero is reflecting on life itself, not just on the masque or on the theater.

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Then we have a passage with the Boatswain, brought from the ship by Ariel, marveling at what has happened. The Tempest is thus a lesson, and likely an unwelcome one, for the ages.

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We are clearly given to understand that Prospero's powers are simply the fruit of his own study, from books.