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As of October 3,Project Gutenberg reached 50, items in its collection. This book is an important contribution to higher literature by a coloured writer. Washington in his work at Tuskegee. The Souls of Black Folk,1 by Mr.

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Washington's teachings have been: First page in the full text of the periodical at the Google Books site http: Nevertheless, they well repay reading, representing, as they do, a phase of thought that has, perhaps, been too long neglected by some of those who would deal with the problem as a whole. We bear a good deal of the colour question in our politics, and many legislative nostrums are being tried in regard to it. Herein may the really thoughtful of those who consider America's "race problem" find food for sober reflection,--for here may they learn, perhaps for the first time, that possibly already this problem is become "the problem of the color line.

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Such clarification is important in the new digital age as it affects other scanning projects similar to Google. At the annual BookExpo convention in New York, Google signaled its intent to introduce a program that would enable publishers to sell digital versions of their newest books direct to consumers through Google.

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The snippets may appear exactly as they do in the scan of the book, or as plain text. Google agreed to compensate authors and publishers in exchange for the right to make millions of books available to the public. The comment is provided below in its entirety and verbatim including the ellipsis and the various errors.

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Also, due to formatting differences between the original periodical and this html version, the sample personal essays is not in its precise position.