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With the addition of three separate branches of government, being, legislative, executive, and judicial, the Constitution also created a stronger Federal Government, weakening state governments. Thomas Jefferson, who was proctor the crucible essay part of the creation of the Constitution, said that all the good that is in the new Constitution was accomplished by amending the Articles of Confederation. Anti-federalists did not trust this.

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The Constitution of the United States was fiercely debated; states rights were a hot topic, while economics and individual rights were the most controversial. There was a definite divide between supporters and opponents.

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After the Revolutionary War, the people did not want a strong central government, because it reminded them too much of what they were trying to escape. We assume that this great document has always been honored and looked up to.

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Many Americans felt the need for the ratification of the Constitution to keep Americans and America together. Constitution was a milestone in our countries history. To what extent was the new constitution necessary? But before its ratification, debates arose regarding several unresolved and problematic factors that the Articles of Confederation failed to come to a resolution.

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