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Military research papers, air force asks verus research to develop electronics-killing hpem technologies for military weapons

Many of these families ended up in this and paper facilities.

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Future non-kinetic HPEM weapons are expected to produce electronics-killing effects similar to those of nuclear EMP, except over relatively small ranges. In previous papers he has described his two visits to Antarctica and the secret excavations occurring with an ancient civilization buried under the ice sheets.

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For more information contact Verus Research online cause in effect in essay writing www. I was told of one other location in South America that I cannot recall.

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Copyright Notice Further Reading. As I was getting these warnings we began to see new information coming in about Antarctica that would give fertile ground to anyone who wanted to talk about finding unexpected things under the ice on this remote continent.

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Were nuclear weapons included among the weapons eventually taken to Antarctica? MS -What is the latest you have heard about the secret excavations in Antarctica of the buried Pre-Adamite civilization, and the Pre-Adamites still alive in stasis chambers in their mothership?

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Electromagnetics EM Weapons Technology will move new HPEM technologies into pulsed-power weapons, including developing compact repetitive pulsed-power topologies; investigating high-energy particle beams; and creating weak and strongly ionized plasmas using ultrashort pulse lasers USPL. In what ways is the Treaty being currently violated?

The merging of the German Program with American Programs occurred almost immediately.

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The overall HPEM Research Program seeks to advance the state of the art in high-power electromagnetics technologies for directed-energy weapons, cyber warfare, electronic warfare EWelectronics-killing weapons, power electronics, and antennas. Recently, scientists have confirmed the existence of networks of thermally heated caverns under the West Antarctic ice sheets and have speculated on the kind of life that could be supported there.

This base came to my attention originally in a report over a year ago that stated that supplies were being moved into this bunker at an alarming rate.

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About a year later I heard that these Elite were beginning to move their family members and personal possessions into this bunker. I reported most of that information in an online report as military research as on Cosmic Disclosure. Unprotected electronics can malfunction or burn out in the presence of high-power electromagnetic fields.

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This to popped up in the news recently also here We have also reported on excavations that are going on under the ice via steam and explosives that is destabilizing the major ice shelf in the region.