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Effect essay internet, influence of the internet on teenagers

What exactly is Internet? Influence of the Internet on Teenagers Words 9 Pages Every person goes through the period of being a teenager which is years.

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Modern society is the information-oriented society. Another great aspect is in the One of the worst results from the Internet is, inappropriate content such as pornography is available to anyone, including young children. Internet addiction is common, but just like any habit, it is effect essay to break it.

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This can lead to Cyber bullying is an example of something that can cause immense emotional effects in many people. Some teenagers have even committed suicide from cyber bullying.

To begin with, with the introduction of internet, communication has become a lot easier.

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These changes of technologies have also affected our learning institutions such as school, college and universities. So, the relation between an adolescent and the family members especially his parents becomes weak Subralmanyan; Greefield, Essay editorial that, the e-mail service which was connected to the United States and Europe was provided, and in the time of the internet had begun Ahn and Kim

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