Anti-diol synthesis Synthesis of diols by dihydroxylation

Anti-diol synthesis

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Reactions[ edit ] From the industrial perspective, the dominant reactions of the diols is in the production of polyurethanes and alkyd resins. Copper I or - II salts thomas hardy essay topics weakly coordinating anions catalyze a mild diacetoxylation of olefins efficiently in the presence of PhI OAc 2 as the oxidant.

It is produced by condensation of phenol and acetone.

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A clean and efficient and metal-free diacetoxylation reaction of alkenes using commercially available peroxyacids as the oxidants is catalyzed by triflic acid. These species arise by hydration of the carbonyl compounds. Firstly, it involves protonation of the hydroxyl group.

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The chemical reaction called Sharpless asymmetric dihydroxylation can be used to produce chiral diols from alkenes using an osmate reagent and a chiral synthesis. An aerobic acetoxyhydroxylation of alkenes is cooperatively catalyzed by organic nitrite and palladium at room temperature using clean and cheap air as the sole oxidant.

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Using alkaline potassium manganate VII produces a colour change from clear deep purple to clear green; acidic potassium manganate VII turns clear colourless. Provided that there are enough carbon atoms that the angle strain is not too much, a cyclic ether can be formed.

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The resulting carbonyl is reduced using the Cannizzaro reaction or by catalytic hydrogenation: The hydration is usually unfavorable, but a notable exception is formaldehyde which, in water, exists in equilibrium with methanediol H2C OH 2. On commercial scales, the main route to vicinal diols is the hydrolysis of epoxides.

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These compounds are called glycols. A Pt-catalyzed enantioselective addition of bis pinacolato diboron to various terminal alkenes occurs in the presence of a readily available chiral phosphonite ligand.