Performance assessment photosynthesis photosynthesis

Performance assessment photosynthesis

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The good high school essay topics concept in the model is the role of chlorophyll in capturing light energy, and this performance assessment photosynthesis is presented without delving into the biochemical details of the photosynthetic reactions. What is needed for photosynthesis in a leaf, and what is produced?

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The simulation is a visual, conceptual model of photosynthesis and does not generate quantitative data. Along with exploring the basic process of photosynthesis, students can investigate the effects of light intensity, the day-night cycle assuming the most common C3 photosynthetic pathwayCO2 concentration, and water availability on the rate of sugar production during photosynthesis.

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The model is embedded within an electronic form that provides instructions and guiding questions. This allows students to focus on the core idea that photosynthesis transforms light energy into chemical energy. Teachers and students should note that the electronic form does not save user data.

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The model highlights the cycling within the chloroplasts between excited and unexcited states as energy is captured and released by chlorophyll. The lesson is written as an introductory learning experience, beginning with the question: This resource is best suited as one in a series of learning experiences that either reinforce or extend the concepts addressed here.

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Reviews Be the first to write a review Description This Java-based NetLogo model allows students to investigate the chemical and energy inputs and outputs of photosynthesis through an interactive simulation.