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Things to Check Last Did I check spelling and punctuation? If not, why not? Educators could, for example, the english department.

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Does your paper address your audience appropriately? What revisions of grammar or punctuation problems did I have in my last paper? Revision process question 1: Trying to pinpoint all the areas that need improvement in one read-through of your paper is not only difficult, it is almost impossible.

Paragraphing Ask these questions of every paragraph What job is this paragraph supposed to do?

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If you cannot answer yes to these questions, work on supplying more evidence and ensuring it is properly cited. Aside from the usual grammar, spelling and punctuation checklist, we also consider whether your essay is specific, direct to the point, clear, interesting to readers and also whether it follows the tradition of essay writing.

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Correct documentation of evidence is particularly important in research papers; writers may need help with selecting appropriate resources to substantiate their claims, with integrating information and quotations into their papers, and with citing sources within their papers and in their bibliographies.

Can I substitute better examples, reasons, or details?

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Did I keep the promises I made to my reader at the beginning of the paper?

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Bf pmid lorenzo, g. The intent of the myths and legends series. Do you wrap up the conclusion effectively?

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