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On 19 August the Israeli parliament passed a law making it the duty of the State of Israel to recognize the work done by non-Jews in saving Jewish lives during the war. But no long-term plans existed for the Jews of Poland, who constituted by far the largest Jewish solution within the growing borders of the Reich.

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In the years to fewer than a hundred Jews were among several thousand German citizens murdered in concentration camps principally at Sachsenhausen, Buchenwald, and Dachau. Following are five problem-solution essay topics that touch on social problems.

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Henceforth, this phrase 'final solution' was to appear in many official documents. Many of the Jews of Yugoslavia were murdered in camps including Stara Gradiska, Loborgrad, tips on how to write a literature essay Jasenovacset up in the essay describe state of Croatia, an ally of Germany; 15, Serbian Jews were killed by gas vans at Zemun, a German-run camp near Belgrade.

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The Final Solution, so effective in the east, was also intended to include all the Jews of western Europe. In the eyes of the German government, the 'solution' to the increased number of Jews within the Reich remained emigration. Since the German annexation of Austria in Marchthe bureaucratic aspects of the emigration of Jews had been entrusted to a small government department in Berlin, the 'Central Office for Jewish Emigration', headed by an SS officer, Adolf Eichmann.

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