Z-selective olefin metathesis grubbs Grubbs Catalyst® Z-Selective

Z-selective olefin metathesis grubbs, catalyst information

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This marks the first report of such C-H activated chelates providing metathesis active complexes. Notably, these results compare favorably to those previously reported from the research groups of Professors Schrock and Hoveyda.

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However, it is noted that strict exclusion of oxygen is required. These species displayed greater cis-selectivity in a standard cross-metathesis assay1 compared to the traditional 2nd generation catalysts; however, they still provided the trans isomer as the major product. Generally, this type of NHC ligand derived C-H activation occurs from coordinatively unsaturated species during a metathesis reaction, leading to catalyst decomposition.

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Also noteworthy is the fact that the best experimental conditions involve performing the reaction in a 1: Novel catalyst developments will ultimately provide new opportunities and applications for this versatile technology. H2O, thus, dry solvents are not a requirement. Now, Koji Endo and Bob Grubbs have described the first report of a Ru-based catalyst that religon essays the formation of cis olefins, employing a novel chelated NHC catalyst architecture in conjunction with a pivalate ligand.

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