Photopigments and photosynthesis NEET Biology: Medical Entrance Biology Questions and Answers

Photopigments and photosynthesis, introduction

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Learn More in these related articles: Non-photochemical quenching of chlorophyll fluorescence, specifically shunting of energy away from photosynthesis by xanthophylls, mostly as a protective measure against excessive light energy. The contemporary quantum mechanical description of the absorption of optical radiation involves promotion of an electron from a low-energy orbital to a more energetic orbital.

A change in intrinsic photopigment and photosynthesis spin is not very probable, so conversion of a molecule from singlet to triplet or vice versa is slow compared with other molecular processes.

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In contrast, there are three types of cone cells, each containing a different rhodopsin that absorbs at a slightly different photopigment and photosynthesis, enabling colour vision. In the retina the light-sensitive layer of tissue that lines the back and sides of the eyeballhumans have three types of cones the visual cells that function in the perception of colour.

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Exposure to sunlight caused the phosphor to emit a long-lived yellow glow, and it was sufficiently regarded that many traveled to Bologna to collect the mineral called Bologna stones and make their own phosphor. The ground state of molecular oxygen is very unusual in that it is a triplet photosynthesis trapping the sun energy diagram hence, it can accept electronic energy from more-energetic triplet states of other molecules in a process called quenching as in the case of the space shuttle wing described above.

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Lycopene is the red pigment responsible for the color of tomatoes. Other pigments with medical involvements include scytonemintopsentins, and debromohymenialdisine have several lead compounds in the field of inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis respectively.

In many chromodrorid nudibranchs, they take in distasteful and toxic chemicals emitted from sponges and store them in their repugnatorial glands located around the mantle edge.

Sub-saturating light intensity is that seen between zero photosynthesis and just below saturating intensity.

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Evidence suggests absorption by carotenoids is responsible for lessened photosynthetic efficiencies at nm and nm. The various colors are made by the combination of the different layers of the chromatophores. A main property of color. Melasma is a condition in which dark brown patches of pigment appear on the face, influenced by hormonal changes.

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