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Russia term paper

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However, he later admitted that t he deployed the troops. Works Cited Fernandez, Jose A. His leadership and organization enabled Russia to cross many hurdles which otherwise would have proved disastrous.

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Figures like Leon Trotsky and the weaknesses of Kerensky were both significant factors that led to the Bolshevik Revolution. Free essays on History: Prelude to the Russian Revolution: This policy showed the weakness of the Tsars opponents as he could simply affect the people in their everyday lives and affect the future of the These developments were particularly significant for the Asian republics of U. Introduction to Russian Revolution: These troops were originally prisoners taken by the Russian from the Austro-Hungarian army, who had then changed side after the March revolution and fought for the Kerensky government against the Germans.

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The Reds were not going to let that happen. Lenin realised the importance of the peasants for support so he promised them land to get their support.

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Free essays on History: This policy ensure that all legal documents were to be written in Russian, and all other languages were forbidden from schools meaning that this plan would affect the future of the Russian population ensuring the children would all talk the chosen language. By the end the outline of thesis paper it was clear that the Bolsheviks now calling themselves communists would survive, though in there was an invasion of the Ukraine by Polish and French troops which forced the Russians to hand over part of the Ukraine and White Russia Treaty of Riga, One can never know what is hiding inside.

After about 70 years of the revolution, the system collapsed and in the Soviet Union ceased to exist as a state. The success of the Revolution may be ascribed to the following three causes:

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